Community Video Call Out for New Poem
by on June 11, 2020 in News

Calling on Palestinian women everywhere!

We want to make a clip for a new poem titled Three Generations by Rafeef Ziadah and we need your help. The poem is about generations of Palestinian women inside / outside historic Palestine, the way memory is passed on and how the stories survive in our every inhale and exhale. We want this to be a collective effort that showcases Palestinians everywhere and features as many generations as possible. 

All you need to do is send us a short 10 second silent video portrait. You can film this on your phone (in landscape). It can be of yourself (alone) OR with your daughters, your sisters, mum, grandmother, great grandmother, standing together (in a social distancing way if safer of course!). 

Please film with phone video for 10 secs in landscape, looking straight at camera with a neutral expression.
No back light (but a light on one side will look ok)
For single subjects please film once in close up (head and shoulders) 
and one in Mid shot (from the waist up)
For groups select a composition that includes everyone!

Finally email to rafeefbookings (@ symbol) and please let us know your location.

Once we have enough of your wonderful video portraits, we will edit together and release the poem on Rafeef’s youtube channel.

Thanks for all your support.

Stay well and safe.