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Allow me to share with you our new and important spoken word video HADEEL by Rafeef Ziadah. I saw her performance for the first time in London this summer. She was already a YouTube sensation with her “We Teach Life, Sir” video but I had not heard of her. My only focus was Kosal Khiev with whom I was traveling in UK for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. I stumbled upon her spoken word poetry and bursted into tears behind the camera. Ever since I wanted to share this piece with the world as I experienced it. It would be a great honor if you could share it and repost it in as many places as you find fit. The state of Palestine is the worst public relations disaster I’ve ever seen. They are the only people I know whose innocent ones get killed regularly by a military might and we seem strongly discouraged from feeling any sympathy for them. Palestinian kids are the original “collateral damages”. Hadeel is a poetry that reminds us of who they are. Masahiro Sugano, Filmmaker / Studio Revolt written and performed by Rafeef Ziadah filmed, edited and animated by Masahiro Sugano performance from Poetry Parnassus 2012, Southbank Centre, London