Performing at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times festival May 31
by on May 31, 2013 in Events Live Shows News

Will  be performing at Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times festival May 31 Check out the schedule here:

That we live in dangerous times is obvious: war and economic crisis are spreading, some states are on the point of economic collapse and everywhere establishment politics are broken.

The old world is dying – but the new is still struggling to be born.

This is a moment for subversive and radical ideas.

This festival will bring together people from the forefront of global struggles: radical economists and philosophers, socialists, feminists and environmentalists, students and trade-unionists.

Like the European summer events which inspire it, the festival will fill the halls, parks and public spaces of Kings Cross with a mix of politics, film, art, music and the spoken word.

These are dangerous times, they call for dangerous ideas.